Lean Manufacturing

While looking for solutions you will see a multitude of industry keywords used on expensive websites promising to solve everything with their magic bullet software or training. The truth is every situation is different and cut and paste solutions often result in failure and added expense.

Everyone’s goal is the same, continuous workflow at minimal expense without sacrificing quality. But every company is as different as the people who work there. We come to you and learn about your actual needs and tailor a program that will actually work with a measurable rate of return. We guide your people to understand and accomplish lean production themselves.

Think of us more like a Director/Professor of Lean Strategies temp service.

We can consult with you about starting the lean process or provide complete lean management. How much you need us is up to you.

Continuous improvement

To be lean you must fully understand the term “continuous improvement”. This means that when you have figured out the best way to do things at the lowest cost, you spend every day after that trying to improve on it anyway. There is no finish line where lean is concerned.

One of the major pitfalls in continuous improvement is that companies reach an acceptable goal and believe improving on it is a waste of time. This misconception is what your competition will rely on to ensure their cost is lower than your cost. Plus continuous improvement helps ensure your original lean policy does not fall by the wayside.

Larger companies have an employee dedicated to lean and continuous improvement and still call us for regular evaluations. While this position helps companies stay on track, it can also succumb to desensitization. This is not a flaw in the persons’ ability, it happens to all of us. You know when you can’t find the peanut butter sitting on the shelf right in front of you? People become desensitized working in the same place on the same projects every day. People also discount ideas based on the expected reaction of their superiors or industry norms. This is where we come in, a fresh set of eyes and ideas with no concern about a superior’s reaction to our findings or a great understanding of the way it is normally done.

The major signals of a problem are the terms “It is how we have always done it”, “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it”, “that is how everyone does it”, and so on. If you never find a better way or do it like everyone else, how do you expect to be better than everyone else?

Hiring Davis Conway Consulting

We base our estimated fees on company size, location, and the number of satellite facilities.

Cost? Probably less than that software or training program you are looking at.

Call or email for a quote. (636) 294-6055 info@davisconway.com